A compact cycle trailer that doubles as a cart. Carry a lot in style.


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iruCart is a compact size trailer designed to connect to the saddle and be towed. Or it can be used as a carry cart. It can even carry iruka in Sleep mode.

Attach and detach with a touch.

Just snap on the coupler underneath the saddle. It takes only a second to attach or detach.

Amazingly large capacity.

The large capacity platform is 80cm in length, and will carry even large luggage with no problem. It carries up to 15 kg.

Carry on wheels

Detach from the coupler and it becomes a carry cart. You can easily roll your luggage.

For bikes other than iruka

With the optional coupler (included with iruka purchase), you can use iruCart on small-wheeled bicycles other than iruka.

* It utilizes the same coupler as iruCarry.
* The coupler is compatible with saddles with a rail width of 44mm(center distance, allowance ±1mm). M5 hex wrench is required to mount the coupler.




W350mm x L1180mm x H300mm

Adaptive wheel size

Within 600mm

Maximum loading capacity


* The weight and shape of your luggage may affect your bike’s ability to brake and maneuver on curves and downhill slopes. Please use caution when riding.
* Bikes that tow trailers, and rear-cars, etc, do not fall under the definition of “Ordinary Bicycle” stated in Japan’s Road Traffic Law Article 63, Item 3. When you ride a bike with a tow, you may face certain regulations, and pedestrian lanes where ordinary bikes are allowed may be restricted.