Purchase and delivery

Yes. However, due to the current instable international logistics caused by some reasons such as the Russian invasion against Ukraine, we now have limited shipment destination countries below. When the situation improves, we will gradually increase the shipping destinations.

Asia and Oceania: Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thai, UAE and Vietnam.

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

North and South America: Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru and USA

Africa: Egypt, Morroco

Please understand that we may not be able to ship to some areas even in the above countries.

Orders will be sent by international courier such as EMS and Yamato UPS. It takes 3-5 business days for required maintenance at our store and handling, 3-7 business days for delivery from Japan to the local customs office in your country and some more days from the customs to your home (depending on where you live and the customs situation). Delivery details including the tracking number will be provided in your confirmation email. Your bike will be carefully packed in a carton. The carton size is L77 x W36 x H44 cm.

No. We are now running a free-shipping campaign. Don’t miss this chance.

You may be charged additional taxes or costs (e. g. importing VAT and duties) which will not be paid by us or invoiced by us, but must be paid by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities. For details, please confirm the rules of your country.

In some countries, a passport number or VAT identification number may be requested for customs clearance. We or the courier may ask you for it.

Returns or exchanges will be accepted only if the product is defective. If your product is defective and want to return or exchange it, please let us know within 14 days from the arrival via the contact page. The details of the return or exchange process will be discussed individually.

Safety and security

If you are experienced in bike maintenance and have some appropriate tools such as hex-wrench, it’s not so difficult. However, we also strongly recommend that you find a reliable bike shop near you. A shop with enough knowledge about folding bikes would be even better.

The following 2 points are the most important and unique that other bicycles do not have. For more details, please refer iruka owners Manual.

- Do not carry the bicycle by the rear wheel when the bicycle is folded. Doing so may lead to injury due to the rear wheel turning and trapping your fingers between the frame and the rear wheel. (iruka is sold with a wheel cover to prevent fingers going through the rear wheel)

- Check that the stem and the handle post is inserted to the very bottom and that the cam levers are closed steadily.

iruka’s frame strength passed the listed official safety tests conducted by Taiwan Cycling and Health Tech Industry R&D Center.

- Frame fatigue test with a vertical force (EN4.8.6)

- Impact test (Falling mass) (EN4.8.2)

- Impact test (Falling frame) (EN4.8.3)

The warranty is one year from the date of purchase. The last page of the manual packed in the carton is the warranty certificate, please keep it. 

100kg including your baggages.

Specs and Customize

Please see below.

1st 0.527

2nd 0.644

3rd 0.748

4th 0.851

5th 1.000

6th 1.223

7th 1.419

8th 1.615

Please see below.

1st 1.000

2nd 1.277

3rd 1.622

4th 2.070

5th 2.630

Elastomer suspension. It absorbs vibrations the bicycle picks up while on the road.

Tires that exceed 460mm in diameter or 40mm in width may interfere with the main frame when folding. Please check the compatibility in advance when using any tire that exceeds 18 in x 1.50.

The normal maximum saddle height is 950mm. You can raise it by either or both of the following two ways.

- Replace the lower seat post with our official extended seat post. It raises the maximum height about 40mm.

- Replace the upper seat post with a longer third-party product with 27.2mm diameter (if the length exceeds 380mm, the seat tip may touch the ground when folding).

iruka may be customized if each part matches the size of the original parts. However, as all parts of iruka are designed to fold with precision, we don’t recommend customizing the drivetrain system or control system. If you do consider customizing your iruka, please seek advice from well-experienced bike mechanics. Below are some possible issues that may arise during customization.

- Crank set

A chain ring with a diameter over 250mm or with a cover on the back may interfere with the rear swing arm when folding. Also, when the crank set is changed and the Q factor (the distance between the outside of one crank arm to the outside of the other crank arm) is decreased, the tip of the crank may interfere with the caster when riding, or with the rear end when folding. In general, a front derailleur cannot be installed because there is not enough space.

- Rear hub, gear box

If you decide to replace the original internal gear with an external sprocket hub, extra steps must be taken – such as removing the inner sprocket – to avoid the chain interfering with the rear fork when using inner gear. You may attach a derailleur on the rear drop end, however, a standard derailleur may cause the chain to slack or fall off when folding.

- Bottom bracket

The original bottom bracket is specially designed to use a long axle. If it is changed to a shorter bottom bracket and the Q-factor (the distance between the outside of one crank arm to the outside of the other crank arm) is decreased, the tip of the crank may interfere with the caster when riding, and with the rear end when folding.

- Handle bar

A handle with different size and shape might interfere with the main body and/or with the ground surface when folding. Also, when the brake lever and shifter are repositioned significantly different from the original design, it may entangle the wires during folding and unfolding, thereby affecting the bike’s breaking ability.

- Brake

A V brake or caliper brake cannot be installed because there is no base for a caliper. A rear disk brake rotor with a larger diameter will interfere with the rear end.


It is compatible with a saddle with a rail width of 44mm (center distance, allowance ±1mm). It requires an M5 Allen key for installation.

If the coupler (not included in the product package) can be attached to the saddle, iruCart can be used on bicycles with an approximate wheel radius of 600mm (varies by the saddle height and rear center length).

If the coupler (not included in the product package) can be attached to the saddle, iruCarry can be used on bicycles with a seat post radius of 26-35mm. Please note that when there is not enough space on the seat post, it could cause the back shelf to interfere with the rear, and/or eliminate luggage space.

iruCatch can be attached to a handle post with a diameter of 22-35mm.

It is not in the standard option, however, you can install iruCanal, the detachable mudguards for iruka.

It is not in the standard option, however, you can install a kickstand on the left side of the rear end with two M6 bolts (center distance 22mm).