To pre-Flippers from the founder

To pre-Flippers from the founder

Hi pre-Flippers, I'm Mark, the founder of iruka. We call iruka owners “Flipper” because iruka means dolphin in Japanese. So, as you are visiting iruka authorized online store and reading this post, you are a “pre-Flipper”.


Since the launch in 2019, we have shipped iruka to 11 countries through distributors/dealers in each country. That means there are now Flippers in 11 countries around the world. This is not so bad for an independent start-up brand to achieve in 3 years despite the pandemic, but we also feel a bit frustrated. We have actually received messages from customers in many more countries who want to buy iruka, but we had no way to live up to the demands. Maybe you are one of them. Of course we are trying to develop distributors/dealers in more countries, but, you know, B2B deals don't go as fast.


Then, the idea of launching an authorized global online store came up from LORO HPV Group, Japan's top dealer of iruka. We had no reason to say no. Then, this website was born.


You know Japanese people are amazingly careful and cautious, right? Of course LORO mechanics are too and also incredibly professional. When they receive your order, they first disassemble your iruka, carefully check and reassemble it, lubricating every single bolt, wrap it with tons of protection material, and then ship it in a carton. So I assure you that you can order without any worries.


Now that JPY is weaker to USD, LORO has decided to start offering free shipping on all orders as a special promotion of the launch. If the currency market situation changes, I think it will no longer be offered. Maybe now is not a bad time for you if you are considering buying our products.


On this blog, I will post some tips and development stories of iruka, and my friend and avid cyclist Kay will write the articles with beautiful photos of his ride in Tokyo with iruka. We would be happy if you sometimes come to read our posts, even if you don’t buy anything. Of course we would be even happier if you bought something!


Masaki Mark Kobayashi, Founder and President of iruka